Membership Medicine

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Membership Medicine means more time with your doctor.

An enhanced relationship and a long-term, personalized wellness plan with Dr. Suzanne Turner

Traditional Practices

Concierge Model

More time with you means emphasis on early detection and collaborative preventative care regimens to help you live your best life.

Life Changing

What our current Membership Medicine patients say:


“Dr. Turner is professional, caring, nurturing, compassionate and shows her genuine concern for her patients on a daily basis.”


testimonial 2

“Dr. Turner’s Concierge structure saved me from calling an ambulance and going to the ER. I appreciate her pointed direction and knowledge.”

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“Dr. Turner continues to get deeper into finding the root cause of my issues and I am confident that working together with her it will be done.”


Why Membership Medicine?

I decided to become a concierge physician because I need more time with patients to get all the details and to teach lifestyle change to “360 Wellness”. I want the ability to work with patients who are committed to their health and take it seriously.

My patients are extremely important to me and I know that with a membership based personalized healthcare model, I will have that time to be able to help them achieve even better results! Dr Turner sees patients under a competitive concierge membership plan.

Membership Details

Our Focus

Quality vs. Quantity.

The Membership Medicine healthcare model is a revolutionary way of practicing medicine that puts you at the center of the healthcare experience. More time with you means increased ability to identify underlying conditions and allows Dr. Turner to create a plan with you that works.

Is Membership Medicine the right fit for you? Reach out to us.