Our Pricing

Many of these services may be covered by your insurance.

Please work directly with your insurance carrier to understand your benefits and what is covered.

Complete Physical Exam (CPE), EST$150
CPE, EST, with pap$200
CPE, NEW$350
Established patient (EST) office visit (OV)$101-280
New Patient (NEW) OV$250
EKG only$65
Group visit, non patient$50
Urinalysis only$10
Spirometry only$15
Pap smear procedure only$75
Colon cancer screen (iFOBT)$25
Flu test only$25
TB test only$15
Drug Screen only$25
Pregnancy test only$25
IV hydration$100
IV therapy level 1$125
IV therapy level 2$175 to $275
IV push level 1$95
IV push level 2$125 to $175
Myers Cocktail, IV$125
Immune boost w glutathione, IV$175
Phosphatidylcholine, IV$95-$125
Heavy metal chelation$125-$175
Methylcobalamin (B12) shot only$20
Lipovite injection$39
Lipovite series (4 weekly)$145
B Complex injection$39
Bioimpediance analysis (BIA) with OV$20
BIA without OV$30
Heart rate variability$125
Digital pulsewave analysis$125
Testosterone injection <1ml$25
Testosterone pellet, female$175
Testosterone pellet, male$350
O2 therapy <1h with OV$25
O2 therapy <1h without OV$40
Dietician, initial$150
Dietician 1h$110
Dietician 30 minutes$40
Echo (heart)$450
Thyroid ultrasound$150
Carotid ultrasound$450
Abdominal aorta ultrasound$425
Adrenal saliva test$99-$158
Hormone saliva test$220-$399
Hormone metabolites urine test$275-$556
GI Effects/CDSA2.0$199-$457
Toxic Effects CORE$649
Food allergy$49
Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity test$199
Heavy metals, urine, level 1$125
Heavy metals, urine, level 2$299
Metal allergy$120
Nanotrap Lyme test$400

*Please note that these prices are subject to change.

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